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The Irreverent at Center Stage

Every citizen has a right to participate in government. This would be true but for the narcissist or the tyrant. Term limit is essential to fairness in civic participation without which public participation can be stymied. Favorable term limit for the general population would equate to 12 years in the U.S. Senate. There are arguments on why judges and university professors need limited tenure such as 10 years.  It is difficult to fault the best of these arguments.

It is needless to remain in congress for decades or till 80 years old.  There have been one or two justices of the Supreme Court who sleep on duty at such an old age or even the pope at 80 years. Lifetime employment is not for a congressman or a public officer at the federal level, although the picture may seem different at state or local levels.

Exemplary leadership does call for more reason and fairness than egotism might demand. Mitch McConnell was correct and President Donald Trump is not gullible, so his presence on the final journey of an ultra-egotist was not necessary. Good stewardship allows for a more egalitarian approach and a good fight is not perpetual and much feistiness or irreverence. 

Denying, deriding or curtailing other citizens of their own due political service amounts to poor stewardship. Pride may be one thing and arrogance another, but vanity surely contradicts good stewardship. McCain was too irreverent to be a good steward. Almost 40 years in congress amounted to monopoly of power, a derision of the rights of ordinary citizens.  A Japanese minister echoed or implied it a while back. It seems understandable that people honored Mr. McCain, but the president is no simpleton.  The American tenet of liberty and justice for all would hardly apply if one man can rant in congress all his life, and when two terms are enough for a gentleman.

It is needless to go around the world projecting the image of the best form of government when mostly the greediest can raise the big money to seek public office hoping for lifetime positions.  The rule of law, checks and balances and many other noble elements of democracy are demoted when hearts of stone are being sustained in public service. Two terms or 8 to 12 years are enough for a gentleman in the highest public office.

Alayande, J. F.  (MURP, Pi Sigma Alpha)

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Government. People. Business.


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Government. People. Business.


Either no individual of the human species has any true rights, or all have the same. And he who votes against the rights of another, of whatever religion, color, or gender, has thereby abjured his own.

Marquis de Condorcet

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