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"The illusions of power must be unmasked, idolatry must be undone, oppression and exploitation must be fought, and all who participate in these evils must be confronted. This is compassion".

McNeill, Morrison & Nouwen.

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Hamond, Charles (MD).                               Stallion House,                                           Victoria Island, Lagos.                                 (01)263-0138, 263-0131, 261-1892.

Eruchalu, C.N.  (LLM)



Education & Human Development.

Any observer would have noticed adolescents can play music following the pep pill of moral instruction at the open-air assembly as the kids disappeared to their classrooms. Walter Smith’s “Immortal” was a good one. At least the first stanza of the song was known by them all, the rest of it they managed to sing.

The school on Herbert Macaulay was set up by the institution John Wesley established. In theory colonization was left behind but for the constant reminder of John Bull. The mix of moral instruction, prayers and songs took all of fifteen minutes.

For almost a century from about 1840 they had set up missionary posts and this was one of the legacies. The ghost of Macaulay with the aura of early Nigerian nationalism could hardly be filtered off. Feminism was not a familiar term in those years but for references to Alele-Williams who earned a first PhD in Mathematics. The library may have seemed skeletal but the kids were inspired metaphysically.  

The buildings did not have constant electricity or fans but were designed to allow natural light and airflow. The curriculum was moderately rigorous with 8 or 9 subjects and almost 30 kids on average per classroom. In the last year, the male students had to take a workshop class which was premature.

No matter how dull they seemed, most of them knew by heart: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” in addition to a few ecclesiastical songs.  At lunch time, some kids went across to Domino’s for meat pies and donuts, the others around the corner for roasted plantains and peanuts, with Coca-Cola and the Fan-Milk vendor just outside the gate.

Although a public school, its administration and location gave it a favorable rating. It was a public school with a reasonable middle-class intake and a few parents withdrew their kids from the private ones. At closing the assembly repeated itself in the spirit of Sabine Baring-Gould and her fellow angels. “Now the day is over” the kids sang before benediction. Never mind the local woman who sold scoops of Cerelac to a few of them on their way home for 2 cents. Raqqa would not defeat His children.

Alayande, J. F.  (MURP, Pi Sigma Alpha)

LOS: Delta Airlines.                               ABV: Lufthansa; British Airways.

Government. People. Business.

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Agatha Moses (Ebami Rababa) 22:44

Heman Choir (Haleluya) 5:35

Don Williams (Lord I Hope This Day Is Good) 4:08






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