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LOS: Delta Airlines.                               ABV: Lufthansa; British Airways.

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Felicia Christopher. (Marmari Na) 4:51
Soul.  The main course.

Eddy Okonta & the Aces. (Adura) 6:03
Highlife.  From kata kata to mimo

Tony Allen. (No Discrimination) 8:19
Afrobeat.  Civilization.  Pa-pa-ra.

Government. People. Business.


Either no individual of the human species has any true rights, or all have the same. And he who votes against the rights of another, of whatever religion, color, or gender, has thereby abjured his own.

Marquis de Condorcet

Professional Offices

Hamond, Charles (MD).                               Stallion House,                                           Victoria Island, Lagos.                                 (01)263-0138, 263-0131, 261-1892.

Eruchalu, C.N.  (LLM)



From Kingdom to Free State

A kingdom is not compatible with a free state and the nobility or titles should not fit there. For instance Uganda will not be Uganda if the king, princes or princesses of Toro (and other so-called kingdoms) within it are too important.  If the king and his countless wives and children drive around the state in unregistered vehicles with overly-tinted windscreens, would there still be a free state?  

If the Ooni of Ife is so big, then he can he be a citizen of the surrounding country?  Kennedy could not be bigger than the state and the Diana could not survive as a princess within a free state. Monarchy can be formally exorcised for a free state to be just that – a free state. Unless it’s a kingdom of darkness, an emir, oba or king has no applicability in a free state.  

A territory ruled by a king does pose a threat to natural, civil or political rights.  The lesson from Weinstein and Cosby is when or where masses of enlightened women (and men) are, the worst of men will be pulled down. Note that the ascension or aggregation of authority in their kingdoms of darkness was accelerated through sin or promiscuity.  The cases from ancient history, e.g. of Rehoboam with 18 wives are forms of rebellion.  It may be that a chief can marry or cohabit with 2 or 3 women, but how many more after that?

Also the free state may not permit excess aggregation of power in any one family since this leads to subversion of the state. For example, a dynasty is not as ideal within a free state.  Remember, if there is a king, the people are not as free and liberties are critical to a free state.

Alayande, J. F.  (MURP, Pi Sigma Alpha)







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