The Population Factor & the Masses.

Growth or expansion may be viewed in positive terms but isn’t necessarily the case with population. In more affluent countries there might be justifications for immigration or population growth. In poorer countries this is likely the opposite. The population and welfare of Nigerians, over half a century has not spelt positive outcomes for more than half its citizens:

1950: 37,859,745;   1960:45,211,614;    1970:56,131,844;  1980:73,698,096;        1990: 95,617,345;  2000:122,876,723;    2010: 159,424,742;  2020: 206,830,983. 

Managing population has not turned out right in many Nigerian scenarios. Lagos is a good example, and Oshodi or Shomolu more specifically. Think of the flu killing hundreds in one country, then think of typhoid in a developing country.

The Grand Central Station (NYC) is a fascinating hub for brief exploration, only because of the healthy citizenry. This is not the case with Oshodi or Shomolu or Ojuelegba. There are developed countries poaching professionals from around the world while some developing countries are repelling them. This is the paradox of human development. The media that could have spurred development further remains stifled and journalists are still being killed all over the developing world for writing basic things.

In a certain sense, Nigeria can be good and Nigerians warm or friendly, but growing population is not beneficial without care. And, for critical considerations, assimilating every African was only a foreign policy ideal. Every West African of African isn't a Nigerian. Simply put, until most Nigerians are cared for and decent an open border is not justifiable. Recently thousands of Nigerians in Italy, Libya or South Africa have been killed, incarcerated or awaiting deportation.  In the heydays of 1970’s national planning, the forecast seemed positive but the outcome has not been congruent.

Rural development or rural population was discounted where higher fertility rates were predominant. Using camels or donkeys can no longer be options for rural development initiatives and checking population growth becomes imperative. Alternative approaches including more women in leadership become necessary.  It may be that Australia can afford to double its population, however Nigeria cannot.

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