No NATO for Zelenskyy.


Geographical state boundaries are hardly permanent and idealizations in foreign policy usually fall short of human needs and realities. The evolving scenario in Ukraine is a case in point. Taking the state too seriously can become an error of the leader since the state is not as realistic an entity for much human consideration.

Granted that 40 million Ukrainian lives should not be discounted, fate has not thrusted Mr. Zelenskyy into the best of situations and he has not sufficiently assimilated his neighbors or the regional issues.  The UK has indicated NATO membership is not coming as soon to Ukraine and Zelenskyy’s anxiety for membership may not be as politically expedient.

 Legalizing gambling, prostitution, or abortion depletes hope and friction with Russia will not secure stability. Sure there are many factors for the military operation, e.g. allegations of genocide, can there be good reason for a US politician to call the Ukrainian leader thug?  While the adjective seems extreme, Ukraine needs more luck to overcome the current military operation.

China and India are not falling for the sentiments of Mr. Zelenskyy or his good population. In spite of any expectations to the contrary, the 2 billion Chinese and Indians have no less value than 40 million Ukrainians.  When current situations are weighted against historical ones, one is tending to take a neutral position.  It is the neutral position Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, China and India have taken.

It is noble to withhold immunity from lawmakers, diplomats and judges and seek to eliminate corruption yet it is not Jewish to obliterate the Ten Commandments. While Al Maktoum, Erdogan, Merkel, etc. may have met and supported Mr. Zelenskyy, Ukraine has been demoted.  If darnitskiy is not fascinating to Mr. Zelenskyi, then what is. As much as possible, love thy neighbor is the principle Mr. Zelenskyy needs to honor.


Alayande, J. F.  (MURP, Pi Sigma Alpha)


Government. People. Business.

Bikeway Network                                        A bicycle is a fundamental human right.

Plus, a network of bikepaths is most important in the community.                    


Corn            6.00 

Cotton         2.00 

Lumber        600 

Oats            8.00  

Government. People. Nature.


The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4

If a global partnership to curb the arms race, improve the human environment, defuse population explosion and supply required momentum to development efforts is not forged soon, I very much fear that the problems will have reached staggering proportions that they will be beyond our capacity to control.

                              U. Thant


The Master, the Monks & I.                   Gerta Ital. 

Meditations of a Zen Master.      Beopjeong. 







(4) loop        (5) many        (6)       


(1) nature        (2) door       (3)



Music + Society.


Lijadu Sisters.  Sunshine (6:30)              Fears, tears & sunshine.   

Boney M. El Lute . (4:40)                              All will be free. But when.  

Bossa Triba + Berkshire Bateria.

Ile Aiye. (5:00)